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Google Maps for iPhone

Google Maps for iOSAll the speculation that Apple wouldn’t allow Google’s own Maps application on iOS was for naught, as the app became available last night.

I put the app through its paces this morning, and it behaves pretty much as you would expect it. One thing I’ve long preferred about Google’s own Maps experience is the voice used for the turn by turn directions. It sounds significantly less robotic than Siri, which on a long drive can be a bit grating.

Whether you get better navigational results with Google’s offering over Apple’s will heavily depend upon where you live. I’ve been quite happy with Apple’s new Maps app, and like the integration it offers with the lock screen (Google’s offering will show notifications when it’s not the front application, but it’s not quite as readable as Apple’s solution, which I’m guessing is using private APIs).

I’ll continue to use Apple Maps, but having choices is always good, and Google’s new Maps app for iOS is a solid choice, that I can see myself using if Apple’s results ever fail me.

iPhone Buyer Tased. News at 11.

While we don’t know why the Apple Store Manager denied this woman the additional purchase of iPhones beyond the two she had already bought, the cold callous bastard in me has to ask: Why did this woman not understand that she was being asked to leave? She must have spoken enough English to make her way from her Massachusetts home to Nashua, NH. She obviously spoke enough to purchase the previous two iPhones.

Perhaps she just didn’t like the answer she was being given, and was feigning the lack of comprehension. Either way, she paid the price for either her defiance or her lack of basic English comprehension.

Additional Context: Woman zapped by Taser after being asked to leave Pheasant Lane Mall

Sedona iPhone Pics

Last week I took a short vacation to Arizona to photograph Sedona and the Grand Canyon. For Christmas, my wife had enrolled me in a one day photo workshop with landscape photographer Ian Whitewhead. I’ll post the results of that workshop later. But here is a bunch of iPhone shots I took while in the area.